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By | November 14, 2019

What Does It Mean to Be a Christian, Anyway? (Part 2)
In my last article I explained what it really was such as the night I met Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. I know I didn’t express it just like that, but that’s so what happened. It was the true turning point of my life. From on that day forward playing was changed in so many ways and continues to change to the better. I was lost and blind. Again, I know it feels like a clich??, but suddenly I was will no longer lost or blind. I started seeing the world through different eyes. I began understanding issues and situations in a new way. I feel like my eyes were truly opened that night. I had been travelling in a fog all my life until that very moment. There was clarity and understanding like I had never experienced.
The same night that I accepted Jesus, over who introduced me to Him talked about if I seriously considered baptized within the Holy Spirit. I really didn’t quite understand why, except that I just wanted more of the items I had just experienced, and I had heard about it a particular gift for just about any believer who requested it, so I said, “Yes.” Then she laid her practical me and did start to pray. Now the warmth that I had felt visit me was filling me from the inside. I was filled with such lovely warm. I’ve heard others describe it fire. The sensation that I felt was warm, not hot. But it was there none the less. It was invigorating and exciting. Then over asked if I wish to speak in tongues. I had heard others get it done in certain churches and understood that it originated the baptism of the Holy Spirit, so I said, “Ok.” Then she started speaking in their Spirit language and encouraged me permit the spirit within me begin to speak as it planned to. So, after a couple of self conscience attempts, I felt something rise within me, having time and I started to speak in a strange language. But concurrently it seems very right. I was will no longer self conscience. I was excited and happy although I really had no control of the items was coming forth, except to avoid it or allow it to begin!
Another strange thing happened that night. When I got inside my car, I suddenly was unable to listen to the most popular roll-n-roll radio station. I had been a diehard fan for several years. Now the sound and lyrics were offensive if you ask me. I spent a few years hearing classical music until I stumble across a Christian radio station. I had no idea there were such a thing. It was amazing! I fell deeply in love with contemporary Christian music. It is very similar to the music I had followed before, however the lyrics are similar to love songs to God or glorify Him in a single way or any other. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with hearing “worldly” music. I just can’t get it done anymore. Apparently, God felt like it was something should be changed within me.
I know that all this sounds weird. And, honestly, I’m sure this doesn’t happen to everyone. But it all happened without my voluntary action. I had simply changed. I believe that God works together with all of us individually. He created us being unique, as unique as our fingerprints or DNA. Science has already proven that no a couple of us are exactly alike. And, that’s how He treats us. As a master painter makes every one of his / her paintings different, so God makes everyone of us distinct and exquisite. We are His masterpieces.
Thank You, Father God, for creating me to become unique and exquisite. And, thank You for loving me and accepting me only the way I am, while molding me and perfecting me to be when you might have me be. I am yours forever.