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How Many Keywords Should I Have?

Google says they process 63,000 searches per second and that as much as 50% of mobile queries have a local intent. How much will sales increase? Typically the DOM will need to request additional resources from your server to make everything happen, and this is where things start to really slow down your site. As… Read More »

Everything A Photographer Needs To Know About SEO (2019 Update)

In addition, they also give best examples of work that they have done previously. Sounds a bit funky but making these examples work is incredibly important. Search marketing of this kind sounds like an impossible feat when so many small-to-medium sized dailies can’t even afford a decent web site. An RSS feed directory is a… Read More »

9 Optimization Tips For Journalists And Editors

Of course you can influence some of the elements affecting the speed of your website, such as coding and image file sizes etc, but your site load time will also be down to your web host. Let me explain the focus elements to uplift the SEO of the website. Mention is made of changing the… Read More »

Google BERT Update Makes Search Smarter

Using numerical pagination is a better way to keep closer older content to the category homepage. Converting the document in PDF file is the finest way for sharing visitors can easily download the presentation. Add any other relevant keywords you find this way to your list. The solution: You need to start with keywords that… Read More »