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By | November 19, 2019

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1. ?ight-cl?ck ?n ?n empty space of the Desktop and ?lick Properties. ?lick ?n the “Ok” button to return to the iTunes Properties window. Click on th? “Ok” button twice to return to t?e desktop ?nd exit t?e “Properties” window. ?e certain that the “Shortcut” tab is selected and click ?n the “Change Icon” button. Scroll ?y means of the avai?ab?? record to search out ?n icon you like. If y?u need to use one of t?ese, simply scroll b? means of t?? listing and spotlight the icon ?ou ne?d. Use t?e folders on th? left s?de of the window to search for t?e folder containing the .ico file types ?ou w?nt to ma?e u?e of. Once w?th?n the “Change Icon” window, pcm, you could look here, cli?k ?n the “Browse” button to change th? placement ?f your search. When yo? only hav? the default themes, ?lick ?ore Themes Online, ?nd click Ok. C?ick on t?? “Ok” button to save t?e icon as y?ur new iTunes desktop icon.

?o remind you th?t the iTunes desktop icon ?? y?ur music folder, yo? may ?ant to select one of th?se or ?ne thing else that tells ?ou th?t is for music. Ther? are downloads out th?re f?r buy or customers could decide to ?reate the?r ver? ?wn .ico recordsdata t? be ?sed as desktop icons. Notice the?e are qu?te just a fe? icons that ?eem ?ike or embody one thing musical. Th? iTunes default icon i? a musical ?? aware w?t?in a blue circle. ?nce chosen, t?e brand new icon seem? as the iTunes desktop icon. In case you d? not have administrator privileges, ?ou will w?nt to speak ?ith th? individual that is the administrator to ?oth ch?nge th? icon fo? yo? or grant administrator privileges to perform t??s function. Double-?lick on one ?f these ?nformation in keeping ?ith your operating system and a window ?f .ico recordsdata ?ill op?n. Th? “Change Icon” window wi?l open to al?ow looking f?r folders ?nd ?nformation located ?n you? com?uter.