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This AI bot will beat you at poker

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> Robots 3 poker. Getty Images Earlier this year, more than a dozen professional poker players participated in an unusual competition of Texas Hold’em. The veterans went against a relative newbie: an artificial intelligence-powered bot built by Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University. AI has crushed professional players of chess and Go, both board games with straightforward rules.… Read More »

Drawbacks Of Gambling

Gambling: Gambling is no doubt a very common social evil practiced in today?s era. Let us understand initially what does gambling refer to? The literal meaning of gambling is exposing to risk money or valuable items in the hope of gaining more than what is already staked for the same. In other words, gambling is… Read More »

How internet In fresh Mobile Monopoly Will Take Over

Having so many features and benefits,they remain expensive. Wishes because these lights are made in an imaginative manner. These lights can be had in various sizes and electrical power. But all of them have aren’t manufacturer characteristics. They have three basic parts post. For more about bitcoin revolution erfahrungen have a look at the web… Read More »