Manual air conditioning

By | November 1, 2019

Unlike air conditioning fan, spray mist … buy can be used immediately. With air conditioning we have to go through a fairly elaborate assembly. And here are the standard steps. You can learn to do it yourself without employing a technician.
Fully equipped with air conditioning tools
– Copper pipe between hot and cold. With 9000BTU and 12000BTU of no more than 15m, with 18000BTU, 20000BTU and 24000BTU of no more than 20m.
– Cables for air conditioning: 9000BTU and 12000BTU ?1.5mm; Capacity of over 18000 BTU ? 2,5mm.
– sewer pipes and tubes with copper pipes;
– Tools for installation include: wall machine, copper pipe clamp, dieu hoa nhat bai an phuc copper pipe extrusion tool, vacuum machine and pressure gauge.
Steps to install the air conditioner
-Use a reasonable location survey according to the guidelines in our previous articles. Measure and cut copper pipes, conduits and wires. At the same time to protect the entire genital system.
– Install the outdoor unit: measure the position of the hanging rack and then get the seal to mount the rack correctly. Use a drill in place to mark the hatch and then charge it. Place the unit on the rack and use the bulb to attach the tripod to the rack. Install the drainage pipe under the outdoor unit if it is two-way air conditioner
– Install the indoor unit we also carry out positioning and marking to fit correctly. Drill holes in the wall to catch the screws and screws to fix the suspension.
Then the cut and the bronze pipes. This step requires a tool to straighten the tube and flare it correctly. Next, connect the pipes to the indoor unit, using a wrench to tighten the screws. Do the same with the other tubes.
Next, connect the waste water pipe and wrap the waterproof tape. With the sewage system should be crossed down to create a slope for water to flow easily.
-Loe two ends of copper tubes and put them into the outdoor unit to connect the outdoor unit and the indoor unit.
– Connect the wires to the indoor unit, and the outdoor unit
– After we finish the test run. Make sure the air conditioner is operating for 30 minutes after the test. Remember to use specialized equipment to check gas, gas leaks.
The above is the whole process of air conditioning. But if you find it too complicated, please call us and give us a call. We are always available to assist you at any time.