Most Popular Bitcoin Dice Games Methods In The 21st Century

By | January 11, 2020

What is the better dice game method ?

While there’s no best strategy, three popular methods are martingale, paroli and betting for big wins.

BTC dice games really are a new invention, nevertheless the strategies used by their players are not. Martingale and paroli are still popular strategies, even though they were invented over 500years ago.

Along with both classic strategies, I’ll show you my “big wins” strategy. It’s a modern undertake dice game tactics and takes advantage of bitcoin dice game’s unique features and super low house edges.

Martingale Dice Strategy

Martingale is perhaps the so-called “doubling up” strategy. You begin by betting 1 unit. When you lose, you X2 your bet. When you win, you get back to betting 1 unit. The consequence of this strategy is that when you win, you win 1 unit.

In action it will look something similar to this: You bet 1 and lose. The strategy demands doubling the bet after losing, which means you bet 2 and lose. Doubling again, you bet 4 and lose. Doubling again 8 and win. Now get back to betting 1 again.

With this to work correctly on a dice game, choose a bet with (as close as you can to) 50% odds of winning.

Paroli Strategy

If you were to think that Martingale is too boring of a technique, then Paroli is perfect for you. In paroli, you bet 1 unit. In the event that you win, then double your bet. After three consecutive wins, you return to betting 1 unit.

So, like, You bet 1 and win. You bet 2 and win. You bet 4 and win. Time to money in in your winnings and get back to betting 1 again.

So, as you can see, the paroli strategy is based on chasing bigger wins. Opting for big wins causes it to be different from martingale, which always pays out the total amount of your original bet (i.e., not much). Paroli also takes into consideration the common gamblers’belief, that wins and losses come in hot and cold streaks.

The anonymity of Bitcoin dice games is something the old, centralized world can only just dream about. You are able to choose regardless of the betting strategy you select, and no-one can judge you for it. You’re truly anonymous

BitcoinDice Technique – Go For Big Wins

My personal favorite dice game tactic is always to chase big wins. It’s mathematically speaking the best action to take, and it’s a whole lot more fun than playing for peanuts.

Here’s the perfect tactic for chasing the big one

Take your roll and divide into two halves. Next take one of the halves and divide it into 50 portions.

Like, if you started with 1 BTC you’d are in possession of 0.5 BTC and 50 “portions” of 0.01 BTC.

Now it’s time for you to start gambling! Set your dice game’s odds so you roll for almost the most win paid by the game. Set your wager as you small portion (in my example 0.01 BTC). Start betting and keep betting until you win (great – you simply won a large pile of money) or lose all 50 portions.

In the event that you lost all 50 bets, take the remaining 1 / 2 of your bankroll and use it ALL on a bet that pays double. If this big bet wins, you’re back again to your starting place and can start chasing the big win again. In the event that you lose … well, it’s gambling!

This strategy does several things right. It minimizes the home edge and provides you with the best odds of winning. But more to the point, it’s fun! At least I like using strategies and tactics that bring big wins instead of lame tiny wins. This strategy also has the advantage of being autoroll friendly: set your odds and wager, and you can leave the overall game on autoroll to bet the 50 small portions.

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