Dallas Lead Generation – Get Local Prospects Calling You

In addition to doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I have recently stepped into a new area called “lead generation”. In this article, I will explain the two different models.

SEO involves me taking your site, and getting it to rank on the first page of Google for various keywords. It’s up to your site to monetize the traffic, and although we can help you and advise you with that, that is beyond the scope of SEO. SEO is usually performed for successful growing businesses who want to get more visitors to their website. SEO might also involve boosting up ancilliary pages like your LinkedIn personal or business page, your Facebook Fan Page, your Yelp Listing, or other similar web 2.0 properties.

“Lead Gen” is an entirely different model, in which we set up one or more site(s) in your niche that we own, and we do the SEO on it. We use a special telephone number that we can re-route to your business. We track and record all the calls, and we typcially charge only for calls over 40 seconds. That way, you aren’t paying for wrong numbers, tire kickers, and sales calls. We provide a complete “back office” for you to logon and see or review all of your calls.

We can usually get at least 5 leads a month for any business. In some cases, we can get as many as 50, depending on the size of the city, suburb, or neighborhoods involved. We set up you on a monthly contract where we deliver you for example 10 leads/month for a fixed price. Some months will have more, some will have less. It might take a month or two for us to gear up to the steady flow.

The advantage to the business is they can pay a flat fee/month based on the size of the lead package, or they in rare cases, we can agree to a price per lead.

This works great for certain niches where a person has an emergency, and they need to call soemone and get them to come to their house and fix a problem quickly. This is ideal for plumbers, roofers, water damage, and mold remediation businesses. These types of businesses typically gets jobs for $6,000 to $12,000 and are eager to get as many prospects calling them as possible.

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