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The Face Of Organizational Politics

The politics that exists in different organizations emanates as a result of the following questions; what is in it for me? And most importantly what is in it for them? When staffs engage in politics in their respective organizations, they are moved by these separate questions of what is in it for me and what… Read More »

Looking For Another Title?

The Ohio History Connection provides free access to over 825,000 full-text searchable pages of Ohio newspapers through Ohio Memory and the Library of Congress’s Chronicling America. Our newspaper digitization program is supported by partnerships with local institutions as well as grant funding, including the National Endowment for the Humanities’s National Digital Newspaper Program (see NDNP… Read More »

What Part Of Speech Is Congress

The word congress is a noun. When referring to the American Congress it is a proper noun. Who boycotted the speech to congress today from Texas? What supreme court says about privileged speech for members of congress? What was the name of President Wilsons speech to the congress? President Woodrow Wilson’s speech to congress was… Read More »