The Face Of Organizational Politics

By | October 29, 2019

The politics that exists in different organizations emanates as a result of the following questions; what is in it for me? And most importantly what is in it for them? When staffs engage in politics in their respective organizations, they are moved by these separate questions of what is in it for me and what is in it for them? As a corollary to this, coming up with answers to the question above leads one to play organizational politics very well. In addition to this, to be able to remain on the top cadre of the organization you find yourself — what is in it for them and you is a litmus test for you as it pertains to any involvement. Secondly, you must be wise enough to engage in any politics, especially when it comes to an organization. This is so because what belongs to us is what we take and keep. There is no two ways about it, it is either you play or you are played out of the game of organizational politics.

To buttress the above points, let me take an in-depth analysis of how organizational politics have been given a face. It has been given an entirely new face: its face in public sector cannot be compared with that in the private sector. This is owing to the fact that the older and bigger a company grows, the unfair it appears in every perspective and even to you. Here, the latter rings true in the private sector more than in the public sector which appears to be static to growth in some cases. Again, the operation of the two sectors in question cannot agree to the same pattern. It is in private sector that a high ranked worker is laid off while the junior or his subordinate enthroned to the same rank. At this juncture, I cannot cite the layoff being triggered by recession or any other foreseen or unforeseen factors.

But I am stating categorically that in every organization, be it in the issue of national cake there usually comes the question of what is in for me and what is in it for them? Subsequently, it is when these questions are given their rightful answers that individuals within an organization begin to strategize and counter-strategize their political machine. Or engage in the politics that exist in their organization: from award of contracts to who suppose to go for advance studies. In fact the list is endless as to what bring about the issue of organizational politics especially when it comes to fringe benefits and promotions. In the intermediary let me sound a note of warning to the readers, politics in the organization does not have a definite formula. This comes to mind bearing the dynamic nature of any organization. This politics do not go easy with the swift or the smart or psychologically any particular individual that has naturally acquired the techniques that solves the politics of organizations. It is due to the multi-dimensional nature of an organization that make the author came up with the above topic – The Face of Organizational Politics. I think it is high time I begin to ask you which face do your organizational politics have? On this note, let me cite the old sayings that goes this way – – a handful of mights are worth ten times a truckload of right.

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