The Matrix Of Politics And Spirituality

By | October 23, 2019

Some may wonder how I might be “mixing” spirituality, politics and psychic readings and psychics in a single article. The fact is that the word “psyche” actually means “soul” more than it means what many people think- mind. Regarding politics, politicians are souls in human bodies working in the field of politics- the management, manipulation and administration of national and international issues for the benefit of the nation and its nationals. Equipped with this understanding, we see the relationship between spirituality, psychism and politics. Mysticism being the father of all subjects in life, a mystic can transform anyone who surrenders for spiritual guidance. With such insight the citizens of the world could be helped to avoid many pitfalls otherwise avoidable had they fore knowledge about their leaders. The United States of America this year is involved in presidential campaigns that will end in the election of a national leader- the president of the United States, towards the end of this year. From a spiritual perspective, leaders are very important people because they greatly impact the lives of many people in many different ways; positive and negative.

Like all other leaders, politicians are people who carry a specific type or kind of vibration in terms of energy vibration/power. This vibration or energy is invisible to the people who vote them into public offices. Only one who has a clear vision, a very good clairvoyant psychic can actually interpret in words what he feels or sees in the auric field of any public figure or aspiring political leader. If America will taken on Senator Obama as her next president, America will greatly benefit becaue Obama has the special spiritual power known as virinimantiya. With this power, Obama will change and transform not only the United States of America but the entire world. His presidency will change many millions and billions of people across the globe. With that energy, even the riddle of terrorism and terrorists around the world will diminish without the use of guns and bombs. For, he carries within him that power that leaves behind no grudges amongst people and nations. This means he will create peace worldwide. He embodies the power that annihilates grudges and feuds between people and nations. That he will change or transform world politics. It is interesting to note that from a spiritual point of view, Hilary and Obama are actually sister and brother: they share come vital energy similarities between them; Both are Master numbers. Hilary 33 and Obama 11. God bless them both. Author’s Bio: Dr. Bhuka Bijumiro-Jjumiro an expert mysticism and mystic philosophy also is a numerologit with special insight into the life personalities of people. By the application of these sceinces and philosophies, he has helped many people discover their inherent energies, strengths and weaknesses and apply the divine wisdom to enhance their personalities. Please Register or Login to post new comment. It’s Time to Shine!

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Senegal’s president has pardoned the former mayor of the capital city Dakar, who was jailed for five years in 2018 on corruption charges. 3 million (£2.4m) in public funds. But critics accused President Macky Sall – no relation – of making up the charges to remove a political rival. The conviction barred the popular former mayor from standing in February’s presidential elections. Macky Sall won 58% of that vote, earning him a second five-year term. A presidential decree released on Sunday “totally annulled” Khalifa Sall’s sentences. Dakar’s current mayor, Sowam Wardini, reportedly thanked the president for the pardon. Reports suggest he will be released soon. Khalifa Sall’s lawyer, Ousseynou Fall, said the fight was “not over” and said his client was “arbitrarily imprisoned”. Senegal is one of West Africa’s most stable democracies, and has never had a military coup. It has seen two peaceful transfers of power following elections, most recently in 2012, when Macky Sall became president. But the president’s brother, Aliou Sall, allegedly received a secret payment from a gas company that sold its shares to Senegalese gas fields to BP – allegations he and the president strongly deny. Aliou Sall resigned as head of a state-run savings fund after a BBC investigation named him in a report over alleged corruption. 10bn over Senegal gas deal?