What candy do kids eat on the playground

By | November 13, 2019

Recess Pieces!

What is the answer to what candy do kids eat on the playground in Punchline Algebra book b 13.16?
a recess pieces

What is the answer for what do kids eat on the playground?

Does miley love candy?
miley eats RAISINS like most kids eat candy

Marcy Playground performs the song Sex and Candy on which album?
Marcy Playground

What do do with a pinata?
Hit it. Then when it breaks candy falls out. You then eat the candy. The pinata is used in kids party’s everyday.

Should kids eat candy cigarettes?
no because it encourages kids to use real ones

Should we be able to eat candy during class?
Yes kids should eat candy during class because it can help you pay attention

Do kids eat to much candy what are 5 reasons?
Kids LOVE candy. There are reasons why. 1. It is so yummy they can’t resist. 2. They want candy to satisfy themselves. 3. They can have fun with the candy. These are the simple answers. There can be more.

Is it kids’ playground or kid’s playground?
It would be a kids’ playground. There will be more than one kid on the playground, so there are kids. Then to make that plural, you would have to ad only an apostrophe and not apostrophe then an “s”. Where as if there were only one kid on the playground then it would be a kid’s playground, because there would only be one object there. Hope this helped.

Why shouldn’t kids eat candy?
It rots teeth, it makes you bigger. unless you eat the right portion.

How is today’s candy different from candy in other countries?
Candy may be different then any other kind of candy in the whole iwide world because other types of countries focus on the types that their kids want. America focuses on what their kids want. Kids may have different types of perspectives on the types of candy that thjey eat. so therefore…

Who sings the song sex and candy?
Marcy Playground

What is the Worlds most eaten meal?
The answer could be chips and candy which is what kids mostly eat and adult also eat some every once in a while so yes it is chips and candy

What do chinese kids eat?
sweets candy vegetables meat rice chilli fruits

Why do little kids have SO much energy?
Maybe because they eat alot of candy.

What unhealthy snacks kids eat?
Chips, Popcorn, Cookies, Ice Cream, Candy

Why do families like to go to McDonald?
Because there is good food, and the playground will keep the kids entertain while the parents eat their meals quietly.

Why are kids so adiccted to candy?
Kids are so addicted to candy because if their parents give them too much of it their bodies will get acquainted to having it a lot and their bodies cant get rid of the urge to eat more candy than their bodies need at one time

Who originally sang the song Sex and Candy?
Marcy’s Playground

How much candy do kids eat?
the average kid eats around $2,000 in 10 years

Why are kids so hyper when they eat to much candy?
because it has too much sugar and you get really energetic when u eat it at night.

Why do people love candy so much?
kids love stuff that is treats our parents usually make us eat healthy stuff so when we eat candy we love it it has lots of sugar and is great

What band had the music hit ‘Sex and Candy’?
“Sex and Candy” was released and further performed and owned by Marcy Playground.

The fisherman love me the doctors hate me kids want you eat me?
Chathuringmes (worms) Used by fishermen to bait fish, are parasites to doctors, soft play (christiancuellar.hatenadiary.com) and candy to kids.

Name an occasion when parents let their kids eat candy?
Halloween Easter Birthday Christmas Valentines

Why is it custom to eat candy on Halloween?
Because when people and kids go trick or treating, they go to someones house, and the people had to give out something, so they ended giving out candy, and what else to do with candy besides eating it?

What do people eat in Halloween?
Candy, candy, candy – lots of candy that children are given by their neighbors. When I was younger, people also used to give pennies and fruit. Now they just give candy and kids eat as much of it as their parents will allow. We also used to “bob for apples” and wind up eating a lot of apples. We used to eat baked pumpkin seeds left over from making jack-o-lanterns.

Should schools have candy sales to raise money?
Yes it is a good way to raise money, and for those people who say candy in schools isn’t healthy, candy in moderation isn’t bad, and kids need to learn that they shouldn’t buy/ eat so much candy, it is a life lesson that must be taught by parental figures, the ones who are giving the kids the money to buy the candy.

”The fisherman love me but doctor hates me kids want 2 eat me i am a 13 letter word what am I?
Chathuringmes, they are a type of worm: As a bait, fishermen love them. As a parasite, doctors hate them. As a candy (gummy worms), kids eat them.

How loud is a playground?
Depends on how many kids and how loud they are.

What words describe a playground?
kids, toys, equipment

Are sour patch kids candy?
Yes sour patch kids are candy

This group scored a one hit wonder with their song Sex and Candy?
Marcy Playground

Why are young people obese?
because whatever they see they like to eat just like little kids are addicted to candy

Can kittens eat candy?
No, they can not eat candy.

What are the release dates for FTS Kids News – 2011 Energy Playground 2-24?
FTS Kids News – 2011 Energy Playground 2-24 was released on: USA: 12 August 2012

What song’s lyrics have Who’s that loungin’ in my chair?
Artist: Marcy Playground Title : Sex And Candy

What age group consumes the most candies?
in my opinion kids between the ages 2 and 9 or 10 are the ones who eat the most candy.

How do you ignite a fire in Club Penguin?
You Cannot Do That! This Is Supposed To Be A Playground For Kids~!

Can cows eat candy?
yes cows can eat candy

How many candy can you eat?
I can eat 20 pieces of candy!

Do Pakistan eat candy?
Yes, Pakistanis eat candy.

Can turtle eat candy?
No, a turtle can’t eat candy.

Why are kids happy at Halloween?
Kids are often happy at halloween as they get to stay up late and eat lots of candy. They can go to parties and just have a fun time. Any holiday can make a kid happy.

Is the morning to early to eat candy?
absolutely not! when you eat it, it keeps you hyper but not like the movies where the kids jump around….you just don’t go to sleep for a few hours then break down…BUT DON’T EAT CANDY AT NIGHT BECAUSE YOU WONT GO TO SLEEP.i did that and i kept waking up every hour.but now its morning and i can eat it so i can stay alert in classes.

Where do you eat candy?
When its candy time!!!!Or in a candy shop!

What is the percentage of people that eat candy?
there ABOUT 93% of people who eat candy

What is a sentence for the word proposition?
Citizens made a proposition to build a playground for the kids.

Why you love cotton candy?
I love cotton candy because of its sweetness and its tastiness. To me, it’s irresistible even if I ate it only once which was at the first grade fair on the playground. They don’t do it anymore!

Who are john candy’s kids?
Jennifer anne candy and christopher candy

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