What is the difference between the information of a bar graph and a line graph

By | November 13, 2019

The research in question originally appeared in prestigious Nature journal Scientific Reports in February 2018 but has bent some out of shape in the past week due to a BBC report titled “How modern life is transforming the human skeleton.” The BBC’s piece detailed a handful of studies showing how our bones are changing as our lifestyles shift and included the Scientific Reports study detailing a spiky growth at the base of the skull.

A line chart can be used to display information about two or more variables where one variable is plotted along the horizontal axis and the rest are plotted against the vertical axis or axes.
A line graph is a type of chart which displays information as a series of points which are joined together. The line joining the points may be straight or in the form of a smoothed curve. What does line graph mean in math?

a histogram has intervals a bar graph does not Answer A histogram has all the bars smooshed together while a bar graph has them apart. A bar graph has columns which are straight up and down, with breaks (spaces) in between the columns. A bit more detail: A histogram looks sort of like mountains, valleys, and peaks. It goes up and down, depending on how the numbers change, with no break in between. What is the difference between a histogram and a bar graph?

If a vertical line intersects the graph of the function at more than one place, it is not a function.
A function can never be a vertical line, because it then fails the definition of a function: every x value outputs only 1 y value. The vertical line test will determine if a relation is a function. A function will always be a vertical line?

A bar graph shows categorical data using whole numbers.
A pie chart, also known as a circle graph, shows categorical data using percentages. What type of data can be displayed on a pie graph and on a bar graph?

A graph and stem is different to a leaf plot because in a leaf plot, there is a stem and leaf in a plot, while in a graph and stem, there is a leaf and stem in a graph. What is the difference between a graph and stem and leaf plot?

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Right now, Knowledge Graph contains over 500 million objects and over 3.5 billion facts about these objects and the relationship between them. Important point to note here is that the information compered by Knowledge Graph isn’t sourced from just a handful of websites like Wikipedia, CIA World Fact Book and Freebase; but a huge collection of websites, making the information highly comprehensive.

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What do you call a function whose graph is a non-vertical line?
It is a function. If the graph contains at least two points on the same vertical line, then it is not a function. This is called the vertical line test.

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There are very many types of graphs and not all of these have a name. One of my all time favourites is Minard’s graph depicting the march of Napoleon’s army to Moscow and its retreat. What are the various types of graphs called? See, for example, //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Joseph_Minard#/media/File:Minard.png There is no name for such a graph.

What are the three different types of graphs?