Why Everything You Know About Indoor Playground Is A Lie

By | November 13, 2019

This is a question that I have asked quite often when I tell people that I own a play café. I guess that’s what happens if you introduce a totally new idea to your city.
Indoor playgrounds have been around for a while, and there are many of them in our city of Burlington and neighbouring cities of Oakville and Hamilton. They’re the places that you take your kids to when they wish to burn off their energy when it’s too cold out to visit the park, or when you don’t want them to tear your house apart. They’re the places where your kids can run throughout mazes, climb ropes, slide down slides and VR games [http://robyncooch446895.unblog.fr/2019/08/05/indoor-jungle-gym-and-the-mel-gibson-effect] let out all of the mad!
It was actually at an indoor playground that the idea of Chickadee Family Cafe was born within my mind. I had taken my then two-and-a-half year old into a favorite indoor play area within our hometown Burlington and strove to keep him up as he raced down slides and through mazes. I crouched into tiny corners chasing my little man around and came out utterly exhausted (proceed, insert jokes about how out of shape I am here).
As soon as I arose from the play structures, I looked at the other parents. Many were standing about trying to maintain a visual in their own kids’ whereabouts. Some were phoning their kids’ titles, hoping that they were not stuck in a maze…’trigger c am on, we all know no adult wants to have to climb all the way up those arrangements to retrieve a crying kid. Mostly, they looked bored and exhausted. Maybe their kids woke up at 6am too.
I had fun with my son, that was the main purpose of going to the indoor playground, but in a place filled with other moms and dads around my age with kids around my son’s age, there was a huge opportunity for building relationship with my community that I felt was completely overlooked. As a new resident of Burlington I wished to associate with other parents. However, the atmosphere did not really lend itself to having an actual conversation.
I began to research what was out there for a few superior mother — son time which didn’t require me to crawl on my hands and knees and squeeze my butt through a tunnel fit for a toddler. I discovered play cafes. Play cafes are relatively new to Canada, but have been around the UK, Australia and the US for years. A play café combines the needs of both parents and children, fueling parents with carbonated drinks while supplying ample play space for children to explore and have fun.
Play cafes accept the community-focused approach of a café and include a play space for kids. In Chickadee Family Café, we supply that coffee shop atmosphere which you are used to sipping your latte in as well as an enjoyable child-friendly environment full of toys and imaginative based drama actions. Once the play area is closed and the kiddos are in bed, our distance can quickly transform in a day meeting area for parent workshops, a couples’ date night or a meeting place for mompreneurs.
While most indoor playgrounds either don’t offer meals or function up fast food options or vending machine snacks, a play café is a full sized café with espresso based drinks and a hearty menu of healthy snacks and lunch items.
A drama café is a bridge between a historical years’ center and your regional trendy café. Most play cafes offer child and parent classes and parenting supports through workshops and support groups, many things you can look forward to at Chickadee Family Café.
I expect that helped to clarify the gap between an indoor park and a play café. We can not wait to open our doors and invite you to experience the difference for yourself.