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My site was recently hacked, still in the backup/recover process. Trying to find backup of all my image files.  So if they site acts a little weird, please bare with us or call us at 214-455-8060. 

Hey I’m Neal Walters, owner of, the premier customer-getting company in Irving, Texas.

My philosophy is that you don’t want SEO, you want paying customers (clients, patients). So not only is your SEO important to me, but also the ability of your website to convert a prospect into a customer, to get them to pick up the phone and call you. Further, I have tools that we can use even to track the phone calls, to prove how many leads and customers that you are actually getting. You will want me as part of your trusted mastermind team, with other professionals such as your accountant and attorney.

If you are paying for clicks, your monthly spend can probably be reduced by 25% by using natural, organic searches.

We’re ranked #1 over 20,000 other sites for the hottest keywords in Google, including “Irving SEO” and ‘Las Colinas SEO.’ We rank our customers for local, national and international keywords that get hundreds of thousands of searches every month.

The above video was created in June of 2015. Since then, my site has moved to the #1 position for almost all major “Irving SEO” terms, and now I’m working on getting ranked for “Dallas SEO” keywords. I keep posting a quality article to my site every month or two to keep showing Google that the sites is relevant and fresh.

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We don’t have set prices, because to perform the optimal SEO for you, we need to look at your site, talk to you about your goals, and do some basic keyword research. Then we can map a plan that fits your needs. Beware of sites that offer package X or Y at set prices. We focus on the results you want to achieve.To achieve that end, I’ve created the “Discovery Form” to help us get started. It’s a short survey, which are basically the same questions which otherwise, I would need to ask you in our first meeting. By completing the form, it will help me understand if what we offer is a match for your business.

Why We Are Experts

Neal Walters published his book on SEO in 2017, entitled “SEO Done Right: The Proper Way to Attract Free Organic Traffic to Your Website”.

About Us

I’m a “one man team” so I can give you personal, individualized attention. I use occasional out-sourcers and services where needed. Picture me as one of your trusted advisers, like your CPA or your attorney.

And we can help you improve your existing keywords, and/or totally dominate your competition. What is “SEO domination”, imagine that you hold multiple positions on the search ranks. For example, your Facebook page, your twitter, your video, and your Web 2.0 properties can also be ranked, pushing your competition off the first page of the search results.

I’m a resident of Irving for over two and half years, and live about two blocks from the famous mustang sculptures. I’m glad the road work was finally completed.

greig1 Partial Bio: Neal Walters has 35 years of IT experience. He started selling his own Hebrew tutorial software in the early days of the internet, around 1996. He learned SEO over the years to help get his Hebrew program to the first page of Google. Yes, he did get hit by Panda and Penguin (Google algorithm updates), and his site dropped horribly. In the last year, he got back into SEO to solve that problem, and decided that with the amount of time he spent learning SEO, he should be doing it for other people.

Neal also sold over $1.3 million of Pimsleur and other foreign language products on the webs from 2001-2004. It was a short lived success, because it was a commodity product that other people started to sell forcing down the profit margins. That was a time when people were converting from cassettes to CDs, and now the business is almost all digital (MP3 files). He used to spend $3,000 month in Pay Per Click (PPC) ads with Google.

Over the last 10 years, Neal has been focused on B2B integration and AWS Cloud software and has done longer term contracts for banks, mortgage companies, non-profits, and state governments in Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Colorado Springs, San Francisco and Santa Fe. One reason for doing SEO is to keep him in the Dallas/Irving area.

DigitalCafe_NealWalters_and_MikeKoenigs_WebLeft is a photo with Mike Koenigs, one of my mentors and creator of some of the proprietary marketing systems that we use. Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and other industry leaders of been interviewed by Mike in his “Digital Cafe” 1950s-style art-deco booth. Picture was taken at recent certification course in San Diego.

Learn more about your Marketing and SEO expert, Neal Walters on our “About Us” page, then fill out our “Discovery Form” to get started.