Irving Texas Web Design

Your site may or may not be tuned for SEO. Often, only a few tweaks are required, and othertimes, an overhaul is needed. Many people need their sites updated to be responsive to the new variety of devices including iPad and Android tablet, smart phones (iPhone and Samsung), and so on. A responsive site cleanly adjusts to the device on which it is displayed.

There are two elements to SEO, on-page SEO Optimization, and off-page (backlinks). We also specialize in YouTube and video marketing. Most all good sites include YouTube videos of the owners so that the potential customer will come to know, like, and trust you before calling to request services and prices.

Websites should never be designed by programmers, only by marketing professionals. So if your website is a marketing tool, that should be designed by your marketing department, not your IT department. Dan Kennedy says that the owner of any business should spend more than 50% of his or her time marketing; all other tasks he does can be outsourced to lower priced personnel.

We create all websites in WordPress, which allow you, if you want to logon and to make minor changes. We can also fit it with plug-ins to do appointment scheduling, appointment reminders and numerous other services.

We also help you to avoid the John Wanamaker issue:

We solve this by assigning special phone tracking numbers and using those on your website. At the end of the month, you can see exactly how many calls you received from your website, video, or advertisement. The calls can even be recorded. Stats can quickly tell you if it was a real lead, for example, if someone stays on the phone for over 60 seconds, they are probably a serious lead.