HTTPS as an SEO Ranking Factor

I now recommend that that you get HTTPS access for your website, even if you don’t collect any secure data. Why? Here’s the scoop. I’ve already seen Google issues warnings in Chrome browser when a person opens even a simple contact form that is not secured with HTTPS. It makes the customer have doubts about‚Ķ Read More »

Use NotePad++ to extract only domain names from a file

Scraping is the common name for extracting desired information out of a file.†† I copied and pasted some auction domains from into a file.† I then wanted to delete everything except the domain names.† While there might be a Regular Expression to do this, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.† Instead I came‚Ķ Read More »

Understanding the Bounce Rate Metric

Everything a Website Owner Should Know About the Bounce Rate of Their Website The main goal of every business website is to convert potential customers to customers. There are quite a few techniques a person can use to entice new potential customers and to work on their website’s landing pages to help convert them to‚Ķ Read More »

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The Top Ranking Factors for Optimizing a Website’s Search Ranking

Websites need to be highly ranked for a potential customer to easily find them. Customers aren’t likely to click past one of the top three websites listed and rarely click through to the second page of results. However, there are actually around 200 factors that Google uses to rank websites to determine who’s at the‚Ķ Read More »

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Geo Targeting SEO – Get Ranked for a Location

Geo Targeting SEO is a subset of SEO that ascertains the Geographical Location of someone visiting a website and delivers specific content to that person’s location. The geographical criteria are parameters such as country, state or region, zip code, IP address, or other specifications. Also called local or city targeting is commonly used in both‚Ķ Read More »

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Selecting Keywords That Will Get A Business Ranked and Seen

Simply stated, a keyword (or keyword phrase) is one or multiple words that someone using the internet uses to search for something. With so many websites on the World Wide Web, keywords help search engines match users with content that is relevant to what they are looking for. The more relevant that a search engine‚Ķ Read More »

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SEO Experts Offer Valuable Link Building Services and Access to Specialized Online Marketing Tools

Professional SEO services are practically a requirement for any company that wants to remain competitive within their industry. Without excellent digital marketing and design work, a company may not attract as many potential clients as they would like. This can lead to lower profits and decrease the chances of a companyís long-term success. Additionally, companies‚Ķ Read More »

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The Mobile Phenomenon: Is Google Readying a Major Google Penalty Update?

Millions of people are staying on top of every little move Google is making in their company structuring, technical updates, and algorithm. When Google sends an official quote to the blogrolls, marketers are memorizing every line. The reasons are obvious. They want to predict the actions of this tech giant in an effort to protect‚Ķ Read More »

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What is a Responsive Website? and Why You Should Care?

Convert Websites to Responsive Design to Remain Competitive Technology moves quickly, and what worked for Irving business owners in the past doesnít necessarily work now. If your companyís webpage doesn’t use responsive web design, you may be losing potential visitors or hurting your online rankings. Changing a web page to responsive design can be a‚Ķ Read More »

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