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Understanding the Basics of Alexa Skills Development

Amazon Alexa provides a platform for users to answer questions, play music, access weather forecasts, and more. These functions are known as skills, which consumers can access easily by simply speaking to Alexa. In addition to using built-in skills, users can teach Alexa new skills using the Alexa Skills Kit. Building New Skills The first… Read More »

8 Reasons to Consider the AWS Cloud Platform

Cloud computing is the delivery of database storage, applications, computing power, and other resources via the internet on an on-demand basis. Whether a user shares photos or supports critical business operations, Amazon’s cloud services platform offers access to low-cost and flexible IT services. In this guide, users can learn more about AWS (Amazon Web Services)… Read More »

Use NotePad++ to extract only domain names from a file

Scraping is the common name for extracting desired information out of a file.   I copied and pasted some auction domains from into a file.  I then wanted to delete everything except the domain names.  While there might be a Regular Expression to do this, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.  Instead I came… Read More »