Lead Generation

SEO is only one part of lead generation.  A well rounded marketer needs to be aware of the tips covered in this article, including how to become an author, and how to collect leads when speaking before groups.

DualTopGunTrafficGeyserCertifiiedConsultantNeal Walters recently became a certified Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer consultant, listed here under the category TG2.0 Dual Certification
http://directory.instantcustomer.com/professional-listings/#. Traffic Geyser 2.0 merged with the “Instant Customer” product, and the other part of the certification deal with “Top Gun/Revinention” marketing.

These certifications were provided by Mike Koenig in San Diego. He has been building his suite of lead generation and traffic product for many years. One example of this proprietary technology is the ability for a speaker to collect leads from his or her audience. According to Mike, you must meet the lead where he is at. Some people would rather call a phone number, some will give their email, and the younger crowd may prefer to text an SMS message. Instant Customer can handle all the above, as well as QR codes.

TheArtAndScienceOfSuccess_Vol3_NealWalters_BookCover Neal is also a student of Mike’s course called “Instant Author.” Publishing a small book is one of the quickest ways to be a recognized leader in your industry or niche. Many business people believe that publishing a book is difficult and expensive task, but Mike’s philosophy is that we can capture all the information for the book in four hours of video interviews. The text can thenbe transcribed, and a professional writer can put it together into a 200 page book. The whole process can be done in six weeks or less. There are even ways to get your book to push to the top of the Amazon Best Seller lists, allowing you to legitimately claim the title of a “best published author.”

To the left is a book that Neal co-authored.  It became a best-seller on Amazon. within its category.

To learn more about this aspect of Neal’s business, please check the webpage:WaltersMarketing.com. On that site, you can register to see four videos of how a veterinarian, a politican, a real estate broker, and a financial palnner use these techniques to build their businesses.