What is a Private Blog Network and How it Can Help You

By | February 3, 2015

As the complexities of online marketing become more confusing, the strategies used to attract viable customers also become beyond the capacity of most site owners to deal with on their own. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that worked in the past are no longer effective, forcing site developers and owners to modify content and design to garner rankings from Google and other search engines. SEO professionals are constantly working to develop new strategies to drive traffic to client sites, and one of the ideas currently receiving attention is constructing a Private Blog Network (PBN).

What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?

Private blog networks are linked domains designed to boost revenues of the primary site. Site owners generally purchase Aged Domains that were once productive and carry some authority. Those sites, though now expired, once ranked well and were properly maintained. For whatever reason, the former owners neglected to renew the rights to the domains, making them available to others. The trick for Irving SEO Marketing professionals is to select quality domains to form a PBN. Most site owners simply do not have the time to ferret out quality expired domain names, which is why working with an SEO expert is crucial.

Private blog networks should not be confused with public blog networks that were popular prior to Google’s Penguin and Panda updates. Public networks allowed anyone to post information and purchase links. Considered by Google to be blackhat strategies, those networks largely disappeared over the past couple of years.



How are PBNs Used?

Private blog networks provide a level of control over both the content of the network and the links on each blog site. That level of control allows owners to create SEO Backlinks directing traffic to the primary site. The aged domains may also have their own backlinks, drawing traffic from related sites. Creating a strong backlink profile is one of the primary reasons establishing a PBN is critical for building site traffic. SEO professionals carefully select expired domains that provide established links as well as building new ones. The importance of site owners increasing the number of inbound links directing traffic to their primary sites cannot be overstated.

Is Developing and Maintaining a PBN Difficult?

The simple answer is yes, developing and maintaining a PBN can be complicated. That is why working with SEO experts is strongly recommended. Without their expertise, it would be quite simply to fall into disfavor with the search engines. The algorithms used by Google, Yahoo and other search engines demand quality content and links, and neglecting to carefully construct and properly deploy a PBN can cause issues if the network is not designed and maintained properly.

The PBN cannot be built and simply left alone. Like any site, the PBNs must be routinely updated and provide quality content. However, having the ability to control the content of several sites, as well as the anchor text linking to the primary site, offers flexibility that’s hard to ignore. SEO professionals understand the value of PBNs and how to make them effective tools for driving traffic to the primary site.

Does Having a PBN Mean Other SEO Tools Can Be Eliminated?

The answer here is a resounding no. However, it does allow site owners to modify how they spend their online marketing budget. The key is to find a balance that generates the most traffic for the dollars invested. For example, pay per click is a tool often emphasized for generating traffic, and it is successful for many companies. However, SEO professionals encourage site owners to invest their budgets carefully to make sure the returns are worth the investment and to spread their dollars over a range of online marketing tools.

PBNs do require an investment, but the returns on that investment can be significant if sufficient time and effort are put into developing and maintaining the network. Relying on organic searches rather than spending too much on pay per click is another part of finding a balance. Working with professionals to find that balance not only enhances the number and quality of search returns, but also reduces overall expenses.

Are There Disadvantages to Using a PBN?

When designed and used properly, there should not be any negative consequences for using a private blog network. However, simply setting up a network in an attempt to increase backlinks can cause unwanted consequences. Google’s algorithms are designed to spot blackhat efforts, and poorly developed PBNs may be targeted and dinged by Google and other search engines.

It is also important to recognize the fluid nature of online marketing. That simply means reacting quickly when Google or other search engines implement changes in their algorithms before your company’s ranking is affected. PBNs, like any tool, will require modification to keep them viable in the future. SEO professionals are the first to identify changes that could affect client sites, either positively or negatively, allowing them to recommend modifications to take advantage of the changes.

The key to generating profits with Private Blog Networks in 2015 and Beyond is working with SEO professionals who understand how to design and implement those networks. Contacting IrvingSEOExpert.com for a consultation can put your company in a better position to properly use a PBN to enhance your online marketing efforts. SEO is not a one-size-fits-all process, so selecting the best experts to work with is important for any company wishing to see their site dominate the first page of search results.

What are the costs of creating and maintaining a PBN?

Usually, to build a PBN, an SEO expert will start with buying aged domains that already have domain authority.  These domains typically cost $69 to $150 and up, depending on how much authority they have, and how good the domain name is.  After that, the website needs to be built out, and at least medium quality, three unique articles needed to be added to that site.  It often takes the SEO staff 3 to 5 days to complete this process.  Prices will vary widely; some SEO companies already maintain their own PBNs, and can put links to your site(s) on the existing PBN.

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